Pet Boarding In Aiken, SC

At Silver Bluff Animal Hospital, we provide top-notch pet boarding services to ensure your furry friends are comfortable and well taken care of while you're away. Our Kitty Condos offer a quiet and clean space with plenty of natural light for your feline friends to sunbathe in. For our canine guests, we offer a variety of large kennel accommodations and a spacious play yard to keep them active and happy.

For those looking for more luxury accommodations, our Canine Suites provide a cozy 4 x 5 space with block walls for added privacy, heating and air conditioning, and even movies played on the television to help your pet feel more at home. Our Runs offer a walk-in area with an indoor and outdoor space, so your dog can choose to relax inside or venture outdoors. As always, we provide cots for all pets to sleep on.

If you're in need of pet boarding services, look no further than Silver Bluff Animal Hospital. Our experienced staff will ensure your pets are happy, healthy, and comfortable during their stay. Call us today to book your pet's next stay with us!

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