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The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has compiled the Wildlife Rehabilitators Registry to assist the public with injured or orphaned wildlife. These individuals or organizations are non-profit and are not federally or state funded. They volunteer their time and efforts to wildlife rehabilitation.

The care and treatment of injured or orphaned wildlife is specialized and should be left to those who are professionally trained to deal with their husbandry and dietary needs. In most cases you should not attempt to feed or treat these animals, but rather get them to a rehabilitator as quickly as possible. Most birds are protected by federal law and require a special federal permit to rehabilitate. You cannot legally possess them without this permit. However, transporting them to a permitted rehabilitator is allowed
One of our wonderful technicians is on the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Rehabilitators Registry, which means we see a lot of orphaned and injured wildlife here at SBAH.

Here are some of the beautiful wildlife we have treated